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What Defines a Professional Image These Days?

I attended a presentation a few weeks ago on first impressions. The presenter, a woman in her 40s or 50s, was focusing mainly on how your appearance 3d false eyelash the first impression you make. I am not sure some of the things she said ring true in today’s world.

3d false eyelash
3d false eyelash

Slvor One big advantage of working from home and meeting people online is that I can wear whatever I want! But I do attend Chamber of Commerce functions and my image is important there. I do meet new people and, thus, make first impressions. I agree with these points:

  • Be clean and well-groomed in general
  • Wear clothing that fits correctly
  • Wear clothing that is not out of style

What else did she say? She said that women must wear 3d false eyelash, nail polish, and stockings to make a good first impression. I see many women today not wearing makeup or nail polish and still getting great jobs. In fact, there was a bank branch manager at this meeting who never wears makeup or nail polish (and did not when she interviewed for the job!)One of the funniest stories I ever read was about Oprah. She went to the store one day without makeup. Someone recognized her and actually said that they were surprised she would be seen in public like that. Her reaction was to tell them that’s who she really is!

I have gradually watched over the years as more casual clothing and trendy styles have become accepted. What were once “radical” hair styles are common place these days. There was a time when nobody serious about a “good” job would have tattoos or any piercing except the ears (and that was for women only!)

But there is still “line” in the corporate world. Clothing that is too revealing, certain types of piercings, and bright colors in your 3d false eyelash are still not acceptable in most companies. This bias carries over, so these things can turn people off even outside the office.

3d false eyelash
3d false eyelash

Network marketers can meet people in all sorts of casual settings. I would certainly not wear a suit to a gym to impress someone! When I attend social mixers during the summer I wear a skirt or dress without stockings. I have visible tattoos (and some they don’t see too!) I am conforming somewhat (by not wearing shorts, a camisole and no 3d false eyelash) but I am also letting my personality show a bit. Is that wrong?

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