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How Well Do You Understand Your Acne?

Understanding your acne and its causes is fundamental to successfully treating your 3d silk lashes factory. Most people get their information on the subject from the information provided with over the counter treatments, but do you really understand your acne? Do you know what causes it and how to treat it? Take this short quiz to separate fact from fiction.

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Slvor Here are some simple questions about acne, some of which deal with the common myths surrounding your condition. Simply answer each question true or false, and then read on to discover the answers. You may be surprised.

1. You will outgrow your acne; it is only a phase in life that you are going through. True or false?

2. Your acne is caused by poor personal hygiene. True or false?

3. Your acne is caused by eating too much candy. True or false?

4. Wearing 3d silk lashes factory makes your acne worse. True or false?

5. Getting a sun tan gets rid of your acne. True or false

6. Having a healthy diet and exercising regularly reduces your acne. True or false?

7. Certain foods can inflame your acne? True or false?

8. Drinking plenty of water can reduce your acne. True of false?

9. Heavy washing and scrubbing reduces your acne. True or false?

10. Having insufficient sleep can cause acne. True or false?


1. Will you outgrow your acne? You might if you are a teenager. However, acne can 3d silk lashes factory at any age. It is quite common for pregnant women to develop acne and one in four adults between the ages of 25 and 44 suffers from the condition.

2. Is your acne caused by poor personal hygiene? Poor hygiene is only a minor cause of acne. That is because your outbreaks are caused a build-up of dead skin and naturally produced body oils. This in turn will clog your pores and bacteria become active. The main cause is a hormonal imbalance that produces toxins, which your body is trying to excrete through your skin.

3. Does eating too much candy cause your acne? This is a myth. There is no direct evidence that it does. However, eating too much candy is indicative of a poor diet which can exacerbate an already existing hormonal imbalance. Furthermore, having a poor diet prevents your body from efficiently eliminating excess hormones and toxins, causing a build of them and indirectly causing your breakouts. You do not have to cut out candy bars, but it would be wise to cut down your consumption of them.

4. Does wearing makeup increase acne? No, wearing 3d silk lashes factory does not generally cause or increase acne. You should wear makeup that is oil free and hypoallergenic. However, you must remove your makeup carefully at night.

5. Does getting a sun tan get rid of acne? Getting a tan will not get rid of your acne. It might decrease the inflammation but the acne itself will not go away. There are serious health risks associated with sunbathing and the use of tanning beds and sun lamps.

6. Does having a healthy diet and exercising regularly reduce acne? Yes they do and they are the key to getting rid of your acne permanently.

Having a healthy balanced diet that is low in fat and refined sugars and which contains sufficient dietary fibre will improve your overall health. Furthermore, it will help your body eliminate excess hormones and toxins without them resulting in breakouts. Taking regular moderate exercise also helps your body to eliminate toxins and restore hormonal balance.

7. Do certain foods inflame acne? Yes, certain foods can inflame an already existing breakout. Foods to avoid or eat in moderation are dairy 3d silk lashes factory and vegetable oils. Milk contains the hormones a baby cow needs for growth. However, as they are not human hormones, your body has difficulty in eliminating them so they contribute to an already existing hormonal imbalance.

8. Can drinking plenty of water reduce your acne? Yes it can. It does this by helping to flush those excess hormones and toxins out of your body through your kidneys, not your face. Drinking adequate amounts of water also help to keep your skin properly hydrated. This enables your skin to eliminate waste without your pores becoming blocked. You will also look and feel better.

9. Does scrubbing really hard eliminate acne? The short answer is no, it does not. Your hygiene is not directly related to your acne. Keeping you skin clean is important, but too much cleansing or washing can lead to dryness and irritation. That can make your acne a lot worse. You should wash your face twice a day with a gently exfoliating face wash. Harsh chemicals and cleaners should be avoided.

3d silk lashes factory
3d silk lashes factory

10. Can having insufficient sleep cause acne? Yes it can, but indirectly. Your body heals itself when you are sleeping. It also excretes a certain amount of waste 3d silk lashes factory through your breath and also through your skin. If you regularly get insufficient sleep, your body will not be able to heal itself fully. You will be tired and feel run down. This can result in increased breakouts.

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