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Is Your Tattoo Causing You Problems and Preventing You From Becoming Employed?

Getting Rid of That Tat: Tattoo Removal and Hiding custom mink eye lashes

custom mink eye lashes
custom mink eye lashes

Slvor You loved it once and it was fun getting and showing off to your friends at one time. It said who you were and expressed your thoughts about issues and loved ones. You used to really like that tattoo of yours but now it is faded, does not say who you are or what you believe in (or who you love) anymore and, to top it off, you need a job and most employers do not allow tattoos. So that tat must go but how to get rid of it?

You May Not Have to Get That Tat Removed!

No matter which route you take to get a tattoo removed, it may cost money you just do not have. One way to avoid the expense of any type of tattoo procedure is to hide it. There is tattoo cover up clothing available for just about any part of the body; if the tat is on your face, however, you are sunk unless you use tattoo cover up custom mink eye lashes.

TatJacket is the most popular tattoo cover up apparel that is also the least expensive option for hiding tattoos. The material is a light-weight stretchy and breathable “second skin” that comes in an assortment of styles from arm sleeves to full t-shirts. Prices start at $17.99.

What is also nice about TatJacket products is that they can be worn under other clothing without breaking any ‘fashion codes’, especially for women. For that reason, many women opt for this product in black.

Tattoo cover up custom mink eye lashes is also an option and there are many different kinds available on the market from liquid to thick pancake makeup. Tattoo makeup can take experimentation with color mixing and practice with application but is the cheapest way around the tat cover up dilemma.

Tattoo Removal Creams and Other Home Systems

Tattoo removal systems include ‘fading’ ointments and chemical peels. The effectiveness of these tattoo products vary but WreckingBalm® combines a fading cream and use of a dermabrasion appliance. Tattoo removal creams, gels, and liquids take some time to fade a tattoo to obliteration, often 4 to 6 months or longer, depending on the size, color(s), and age of a tattoo. Prices vary according to each manufacturer, but the average cost of using an at-home system will run around $200 on the average to remove a tattoo.

Surgical Tattoo Removal

Surgical removal with lasers and excision are the most expensive options, although the most preferred for getting rid of tattoos. Laser removal will often take several sessions depending on the size and custom mink eye lashes of the tattoo. Laser removal can be painful; therefore, most people pay the additional cost for anesthetic to numb the area. Laser tattoo removal can also be at risk for infection and often leaves scarring of the skin.

custom mink eye lashes
custom mink eye lashes

Surgical excision is the fastest way to remove a tattoo but will most often leave a scar. In addition, depending on the size of the tattoo, skin grafts (usually from a thigh) may be needed to replace the excised custom mink eye lashes. Either of these two surgical tattoo removal methods can cost upwards of $10,000.

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