Eyelash Sample Packs

Bilis Lashes is one of biggest manufacturer and vendors for mink lashes  in China which is founded for 15 years.  We have two strip mink eyelashes factories with about 300 workers, We have 100,000 pairs mink eyelashes in stock, All are ready to ship; We support sample order before bulk. So our  customers could test out best styles for brand.

Lashes Sample Pack Order

How to order eyelash sample:

1:Select the order number, if you like the order 1, $77.50

2:Pay $77.50 to our paypal:  gaosensen@163.com

3:Leave your shipping address and phone number with your full name on PayPal

4:Tell Estelle your order package number

5:Bilis Lashes will remove the eyelashes and you’ll get a tracking number

Mink Lashes Wholesale WhatsApp:+8613370819479 to contact Estelle order sample

Get PayPal invoice WhatsApp from beryl online:+8613370819479

1 Plan: Mixture 16MM & 22MM & 25MM universal sample pack orders:

Total”77.50$”including 3 pairs 16mm DC & 4 pairs 22mm DN & 3 pairs 25mm DL lash and shipping to USA


2 Plan: Mixture 25MM Strip Lashes sample pack orders:

Total ”75$” including 9 pairs DL lash and shipping to USA

3 Plan: Mixture 22MM best-selling sample pack orders:

Total ”80$” including 10 pairs DN lash and shipping to USA

4 Plan: Mixture 16MM natural sample pack orders:

Total ONLY ”70$” including 10 pairs DC lash and shipping to USA

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