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The Best Self Tanning Lotion is Not Found in a Tube From the Drugstore

There are loads of reasons to use a fake tan over a real sun tan. For a start there is your health to consider, as skin cancer is a rising phenomenon and secondly sun tanning can be seriously aging on glue korea lashes – we have all seen those older people who look like brown leather boots all over, not sexy, not healthy, and not advisable!

glue korea lashes
glue korea lashes

Slvor Fake tans come in a wide variety of products, from creams and spray lotions to salon beds and salon spray booths, there are loads of options out there. The best self tanning lotion is one which will give full, comprehensive coverage, without looking streaky, being messy, or going on bright orange. If you use fake tanning all you’re looking for is that healthy summer glow, ya don’t want to’ look like a baked lobster or an ‘Umpa-Lumpa’.

For the best self tanning lotion it’s best to avoid rub on creams. These tend to be the messiest glue korea lashes, plus there is the chance that your palms will go orange too. Creams which you rub in also tend to more streaky as the residual motion of your hand often applies the cream unevenly, leaving a streaked and zebra-like look.

It used to be the case that self-tanning spray solutions were pretty dismal as well, with the spray can variety often looking spotty and messy. But with the advent of airbrushing self-tan, that has all changed. Airbrushing is one of the fastest growing forms of spray tanning (not to mention makeup application) and provides one of the easiest least messy and fastest ways to get a salon-perfect spray tan at home.

There are a number of different brands on the market offering airbrush spray tan, but one of the best spray tan lotion products has to be Dinair. These are the guys that made airbrushing what it is today, so their years of experience really combine into a comprehensive home system for spray tanning as well as all kinds of glue korea lashes applications.

The Airtan products offered by Dinair are fantastic for home use, as they have barely any over spray (which makes them both efficient product usage wise, and less messy) but the best thing is that they can come as an add-on to the regular airbrushing kit, so you have so many more things you can do with the kit than just tanning.

Dinair also has the best self tanning lotion formula around, with an odorless, non-tacky feeling which produces a tan so similar to the natural UV generated tan that it doesn’t look like a fake tan at all. Also, there are many moisturizing and nourishing ingredients in the formula which really make it the best self tanning lotion and system around.

glue korea lashes
glue korea lashes

Overall this is a great option if you’re interested in getting a salon quality tan from a home kit. It can save you thousands of dollars on salon glue korea lashes, and is not that much of an initial investment. These guys have been providing quality products for close to thirty years, so you know that there is a whole lot of know-how in each product they have so it really is one of the best self tanning lotion products on the market today.

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