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Beware of These Four Types of Facial Cleansers to Avoid the Age-Increase of Skin

Skin cleansing is the basic step of handmade eyelashes care. As we always say: “A good start is half the battle”, good skin cleansing indicates the follow-up work of skin care can be easier. And if we choose the wrong cleanser, it can bring disaster to our skin, and especially in this sensitive spring, inappropriate facial cleanser can increase the age of our skin immediately.

handmade eyelashes
handmade eyelashes

1. Whitening Facial Cleanser

Slvor Whitening facial cleanser can only stay on the face for about 30 seconds and such a short time can hardly enable it to remove the melanin lying in the handmade eyelashes basal layer. Currently, most whitening facial cleansers sold on the market contain certain concentration of fruit acid or BHA, which can soften keratin and then shed old keratin. But these substances may have irritation and are not conducive to the health of skin if we use them too often.

2. Alkaline Cleanser

Oily skin is caused by a large amount of sebum secreted by sebaceous glands. We can clear the sebum on the face temporarily by using alkaline cleanser, but our skin will become dry after washing, which will in turn stimulate sebaceous glands to secrete plenty of sebum. As time passing by, our skin will fall into a vicious circle of “more control, more oil”. Cellular environment itself is weakly acidic, so it is healthy for our skin to use weak acid cleanser in the long run.

3. Facial Scrub

It is not necessary to use these facial cleansers containing dull polish every day, even if it is clearly marked on the instruction to use it every day. This is because that keratinized cells metabolize naturally, and even though affected by various factors, some old handmade eyelashes do not shed timely, it is enough for us to clean up regularly. Some facial scrubs are too rough to protect the skin, and may damage the horny layer of skin. All these will easily make our skin more liable to sunburn, infection, allergy and wrinkles.

4. Makeup Remover

handmade eyelashes
handmade eyelashes

The cleansing of facial skin is divided into two steps: removing handmade eyelashes and cleansing. Removing makeup means removing all the cosmetics on the face, while cleansing means washing away sebum secreted by our skin. In other words, removing makeup is removing makeup and cleansing is cleansing. They are totally different and we can not lump them together, let alone settle them by only one step.

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