How To Place An Order With Us?

We don’t have online shop, all our business you Kindly contact with Customer service WhatsApp number: +86 13370819479 , Estelle is well educated specialist, She can help you choose your love lash styles, choose your love lash box styles and also help you to create your lash brand custom lash boxes.

1st  Asking for our lashes catalog and choose the style you like, and each lashes have their number ,just tell us the lashes number you order.

2nd Choose the Custom Eyelash Packaging ,You can choose free Packaging ordinary box and custom packaging with private logo tp build your own brand

3rd Tell us the quantity of the lashes and custom Eyelash Packaging you order , and we will give you the exact competitive wholesale price for the lashes and custom lash packaging and the shipping cost.

4th Process control we will provide each retailer about the process of the business, adn provide 24H servive to ensure the quatity of the lashes and custom eyelash packaging.

5th We support Paypal payment, this is the most widely used and most convenient payment method, and also very easy be checked after done payment.

How  to pay by invoice

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whatsapp:+86 13370819479