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You’ve batted those Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes, said yes to forever, and now the biggest day of your life is approaching!

All brides want to look their best and Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes are a great way to add a touch of glamour to your wedding day. However, there are definitely a few things you need to know before getting started. Here are three essential tips to help you rock Mink Wholesale Lashes as part of your bridal look.



Find The Perefect Pair -Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelashes

Best Wholesale Mink Lashes are sometimes associated with heavy, theatrical makeup. However, thanks to fashion gurus around the world, Wholesale Mink Lash Strips now come in a wide variety of styles. Light volume Vendor Lashes provide a subtle, natural look while high volume Vendor Lashes amp up the glamour. The varieties are endless! No matter your personal style, there is a set of Wholesale Luxury Mink Lashes designed to enhance the beauty of your love-filled eyes.

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Take Them For A Test Run-Wholesale Mink Eyelash Strips

The worst day to put on Wholesale Mink 3D Lashes? The day of your wedding! Make sure you take your Wholesale Lashes for a test run. Purchase them ahead of time and wear them for a full day. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do 3D Mink Strip Lashes feel?

Are you constantly squinting, blinking, or touching your eyes? If so, they may not be the right pair for you.
Does the eyelash glue react well with your skin? You don’t want to get a surprise rash on your wedding day!
Do they last all day? Weddings are jam-packed with joy…and things to do! You don’t want anything dangling off your face at the end of the night.

  • How do 3D Mink Fur Lashes photograph?

Wholesale Mink Lash can help make your wedding photographs look stunning. We suggest wearing a pair of Best Affordable Mink Lashes during your bridal or engagement photo shoot to see how they look on camera.
How do they work with your overall vision? Make sure to do a final test run with all the makeup you plan to wear on your wedding day. Mink Hair Lashes should work with, not against, your eyeliner, mascara, and other makeup essentials.
If you encounter problems, reach out to the Bilis Lash community for help!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Fumbling to trim your Wholesale Mink Hair Eyelash? Getting eyelash glue on your hands? No bride wants to worry about these problems on her wedding day! That is why it is essential to practice ahead of time, whether you plan to apply them yourself or enlist your wedding squad’s help. Check out our helpful guide on how to apply Custom 3D Mink Lashes like a professional!

Brides, did we miss anything? Let us know your experience wearing Custom Mink Lashes on your wedding day!

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