I Was Really Touched By The Inquiry Content Of This One Customer

Below is one customer come to inquiry to us, I think she must be successful in her eyelash business

Hi Bilis Lashes, my name is Destiny and I have been looking for a good eyelash vendor for months. I was on your Instagram page and I loved some of your lashes. I just have been searching for a good lash vendor I can put my trust and faith into because owning my own lash line business is just part of my journey. I know I have a lot to learn in the business world but I am certain I want to put all I got into this. If you have anytime can we talk and discuss further business

If you ready this blog , I hope you have this eyelash dream also!

Because You are the beautiful and confident girl , I know taht is your dream , Dear Love , Make your dream fly , You msut be successful in Eyelash Business !


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