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The #1 Tip to Apply Your Foundation Perfectly

Have you ever wondered why some people’s real sable fur eyelashes looks absolutely flawless? The secret lies in their foundation. A good foundation that evens out your skin tone can take years off your face faster than most wrinkle creams on the market.

real sable fur eyelashes
real sable fur eyelashes

Slvor However, there is more to having a good foundation than just picking out the right shade. You see, if your skin looks bad, has blemishes, dryness, or oiliness, no foundation is going to correct that. Here is my #1 tip for making your foundation perfect. And it is this: you must use a good skin care routine so your foundation applies effortlessly and evenly.

What does a good skin care routine look like? Look for a skin care program that has these essential elements in them. You may need to add other supplemental skin care products depending upon your skin’s needs such as blemish control products, or extra hydrating creams for dry skin.

Here are the basic steps in a good skin care routine. Be sure to get the right products for your skin type (dry, normal, combination, or oily):

1. Cleanser. It removes the dirt, grime, and real sable fur eyelashes .
2. Exfoliate. It buffs off the dry skin that dulls your complexion (should be done 2-3x’s a week).
3. Freshen: An astringent that cleans out your pores.
4. Moisturize. If you can, use one that contains a minimum sunscreen of SPF 15. (A sunscreen higher than 30 is not necessarily more beneficial.)
5. Protect: Apply a foundation in the form of a liquid, powder, or a cream to powder. Not only does it help even out your complexion, but acts as a barrier to lock in the moisture and keep environmental pollutants out.

You’ll notice the following benefits as you apply foundation to your freshly cleaned and moisturized face: the foundation goes on more smoothly, blends better, doesn’t accentuate all your imperfections, doesn’t settle and define your wrinkles, and truly evens out your skin tone.

Never go to bed with any real sable fur eyelashes on (including foundation) – be sure to do steps 1-5 in the day and steps 1-4 before bed.

real sable fur eyelashes
real sable fur eyelashes

Remember that real sable fur eyelashes on bad skin looks like makeup on bad skin. So take care of it so people will notice your beauty instead of being distracted by your skin’s imperfections!

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